Britter Matthews-Cook
Director of Sales and Marketing
Ray's Trash Service, Inc.

Good afternoon. I hope this finds you well. I don’t know if you remember meeting me at an IFMA meeting a few years back, but I just had the pleasure of reading your father’s book “The Devil on My Doorstep”.  I, like you, have been afforded an opportunity to work for a strong Christian company and without performance on my end (as I am sure yours as well)  happens to be my Father’s company, and with honor and pride. I found the book in my Father’s truck on the way home from a business meeting I saw your father had wrote a short note to my father (Don Matthews) and asked if I could read it.  He had not read it yet, but agreed to let me borrow it. I finished it on vacation this past weekend and just wanted to share with you and( hopefully your father) that I was impressed with his stance and vigor he demonstrated for his family and his company. It is interesting to me now seeing the unfolding economic crisis in America, and how people such as your father are improving the American Dream for many and himself only to be stifled by the same government that seemingly encouraged his American dream, Entrepreneurship, and job creation –until his success was noticed and encroached upon by those that seem to have governmental influence. His inflection of you throughout the book is of a proud father that knows he has a highly capable business savvy daughter by his side in this battle.  Although we are in two different industries, I enjoyed so much his views on business philosophy, management style, family, and his faith. I hope that this entanglement has died down for your company. My father is still the president of our company, with my brother and I approaching the future of the company hoping we do not find ourselves in the same predicament that EMS Inc. found themselves in. If we shall, I pray we show the tenacity to our employees through education and facts they can distinguish what is the best opportunity for them, because their best interest is our best interest. I wish you and your family a very joyous Christmas and a blessed New Year.

Barry Farber

You can spend a lifetime in this business without hearing an idea as good as, "Let's try to get David Bego for Labor Day!" Chances increase, however, when Sara Pentz is on your team!

I'm forwarding a column from by Deroy Murdock that offers us some solid fuel. Not that we need any. Your stories with the added resonance of Labor Day, will carry us nicely.

As good a break as this is for us, I hope is not registered as a huge imposition on you; holiday and all. We'll do our best to make you glad you cleared the time, beginning with guaranteeing a timely copy for you!

I move now to go to to forward Deroy's column to you.

Book recommendation from Wayne Root's vacation:
"Devil at My Doorstep" by David Bego
It's about the damage unions do to businessmen and businesses and capitalism...and our U.S. ECONOMY every day. It is a tragedy and a sin. Required reading!

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Four Recommendations for Your Reading List

Phil Wilson
Labor Relations Insight

Special Book Review: The Devil At My Doorstep

"The Devil At My Doorstep" has a fascinating subtitle: “Protecting Employee Rights.”

That subtitle explains a lot about the book's author, David Bego. More important, it explains a lot about why David Bego pulled off something that doesn't happen as often as it should. He kicked the SEIU's butt in an anti-corporate campaign. His book gets my highest recommendation.

If you want to know what an anti-corporate campaign waged by the SEIU actually feels like, buy this book. The SEIU has taken anti-corporate campaigns to an art form that would make Saul Alinsky proud. David Bego took their best shot and didn’t blink. His tale is at times strategic, sometimes tactical and always very emotional. Just like any anti-corporate campaign. Read the rest of the article at the link below…

Bret Jacobson
Founder | President
Maverick Strategies LLC

Randel K. Johnson
Vice President, Labor, Immigration & Employee Benefits, US Chamber of Commerce

"I found The Devil at my Doorstep a useful and compelling expose of what really happens in so-called union corporate campaigns. While the union leadership tries to sell these campaigns as necessary because of some alleged imbalance in our nation's labor laws, the reality is that these campaigns are really about forcing employers, through a variety of often unseemly tactics, to recognize the unions regardless of the desire of the employees. Mr. Bego's experience as documented in this review highlights that truth in stark reality."

Mitch Daniels
Indiana Governor

“A cautionary, sometimes shocking account of freedom under fire: the freedom of a small business to operate without coercion, and the freedom of workers to keep their wages and the protection of a secret ballot, before ceding their rights and dollars to a union.  Now that the enemies of these freedoms have bought their way to a position of powerful national influence, Dave Bego’s ordeal is likely to be repeated countless times.  Read and prepare.”

Hal Coxson
Ogletree Deakins (Washington)

“The book is "Devil at My Doorstep: Protecting Employee Rights"  written by Dave Bego, the President and CEO of Executive Management Services, Inc. in Indianapolis, IN. He recounts, step-by-step, the events of the SEIU corporate campaign against his company in an effort to force him to capitulate to the union's demand for voluntary recognition and card check certification without a secret ballot election among his employees. Dave's concern for his employees, and his passion and frustration regarding the SEIU's tactics to organize HIM, not his employees through a secret ballot election, comes through on every page.

He concludes by commenting on  the Employee Free Choice Act, which he strongly opposes.  Interestingly, his experience demonstrates not only the fallacies behind  the card check certification and compulsory arbitration provisions in EFCA, but also how devastating the largely overlooked anti-employer sanctions in EFCA would be when used as part of a corporate campaign against smaller businesses.

Dave has been to Washington to meet with his Senators and Representatives, but his experience as written in this book should be must reading for every Member of Congress and their staffs who, by in large, know very little about union corporate campaigns, much less the practical effects of EFCA."







© 2009. David A. Bego, The Devil At My Doorstep. All rights reserved.