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Barry Farber - July 26, 2011

The Wildcat Business Group
March 28, 2011
June 22, 2011
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Tom & Todd - July 22, 2011
Card Check is Underway!

Bob Grants Podcast - July 3, 2011
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DR. GINA SHOW OPENING- June 30, 2011
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Dave on 1170 KCBQ - Unions
June 25, 2010: Click here

Dave on Illinois Review describing SEIU Tactics from Devil at My Doorstep
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6-15-10 David Bego on FBN

Four Recommendations for Your Reading List
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Dave On the Steve Malzberg Show
June 20, 2010 Show: Click here

Dave On the Ernest Hancock Show: Freedoms Phoenix
May 6, 2010 Show: Click here
May 17, 2010 Show: Listen here and here

Michael Smerconish
Listen to Dave as he speaks with Michael Smerconish, WPHT, 1210 AM Philadelphia.

An Indiana Businessman Attracts Senate Attention In His Fight With Powerful Union
Thursday, February 18, 2010

The book titled: The Devil At My Doorstep questions the validity of union corporate campaigns, union bosses and their tactics in organizing unions in American companies. The author, David A. Bego shares his story in how he had to take on... Read more

Greg Garrison Show on WIBC

Listen to Dave's interview with Greg Garrison on WIBC (courtesy of WIBC Radio 93.1 FM)

Don Loos

Another Big Labor Operative in White House has ACORN Ties continues to wake-up America to Obama Administration relationships with ACORN and Big Labor. For an insiders view of what it is like to be a target of a corporate campaign a good read is Dave Bego’s book, The Devil at My Doorstep, a chronicle of the shameless three-year corporate campaign he and his employees endured.
Read the blog in its entirety here

SEIU: ‘One of the Pillars of the ACORN Family’
If you want first hand reports from the front lines of an SEIU ACORN-type campaign, listen to the National Right to Work Committee’s Interviews with two victims of separate multi-year card check unionization campaigns: Randy Schaber and David Bego.  They describe the “protection racket” in detail. Read the blog in its entirety here

Is SEIU’s Purple Brand Fading to Pink?
For the past four years, the highest profile Big Labor Boss was Service Employees International Union (SEIU) President Andy Stern.  Stern has deliberately parlayed his controlling style as that of a New Labor Boss, and he has painstakingly worked on the SEIU “purple brand.” Read the blog in its entirety here

Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick

Lou Dobbs Attacks Unions and Acorn

SEIU at My Doorstep, Part 1 of 4 from the National Right to Work

SEIU at My Doorstep, Part 2 of 4 from the National Right to Work











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